We can treat most spider veins effectively, regardless of where they are located. The function of veins is to carry blood back to the heart.

Coming from the legs the blood must flow uphill working against gravity.When tiny one-way valves in these veins malfunction, blood refluxes and pools in various segments of the veins causing them to dilate.This dilatation is called a varicose or spider vein. Spider veins are fine threadlike red or purple veins seen easily on the skin surface.In some cases they cause discomfort which may improve with treatment.Usually treatment also produces a dramatic improvement in appearance, sometimes after only a few sessions

Spider veins on the nose and face respond particularly well to laser treatment.The cost to treat these areas is more affordable than you might guess because it requires only a few pulses from the laser. After a series of treatments spider veins usually resolve.Infrequently they may reappear but, more likely, veins that appear later will be new spiders veins caused by an unfortunate hereditary predisposition.