Is your skin looking older?  Are you noticing fine or moderate lines, wrinkles, poor skin tone, or irregular skin texture as you get older?  We have a technology that can help. 

The Fractionated CO2 Laser is a 10,600 nm laser that drills hundreds of 150 micron sized holes in your skin in a grid pattern.  The tiny punctures penetrate into the dermis to cause skin damage and to initiate repair, stimulating collagen production and triggering skin cell turnover.  After the skin repair, more youthful healthy skin should appear. 

Ideally, we will combine this procedure with the Erbium Laser to resurface the epidermis simultaneously, giving an even better result that lessens the brown age spots caused by sun damage.

So, for a procedure that last just under an hour and has a short recovery time (about a week), you get results that you can appreciate for years.