The Erbium Laser is a 2940nm laser used for resurfacing the skin.  A superficial resurfacing which is nearly painless and takes under 30 minutes can be accomplished by the Erbium Laser.  This micro-laser peel helps alleviate fine lines and wrinkles, and, depending on the energy settings we choose for your treatment, can also fade brown spots caused by sun damage.

So, with a quick Erbium micro-laser peel, you can improve your skin tone and give your face a more refreshed look with no more than 5 days of recovery time.  And, for optimal outcome, you can build upon those results by repeating the treatment every 1-2 months for a series of three.


And if you’re someone who can afford a week of recovery time, combing the first Erbium Laser treatment with a Fractionated CO2 laser treatment further reduces mild to moderate lines and wrinkles, abnormal pigmentation, and skin texture abnormalities. 

We will assess your skin at your free consultation and recommend the best options for you.